If you’re into surfing, wakeboarding, boogie boarding, skiing, tubing, or any type of fun on the water, this is the perfect boat for you and your friends. Our Chase Watersports models run on adrenaline.

The excitement from your first ride of the day is still fresh as you wait for the familiar tug of the line. For a moment, the calm of the lake begins to seep in – then you feel the pull and as you rise up above the water, you’re free. It’s just you and the wave… the endless wave.


Apex Hull Design

Campion’s proprietary Apex hull design creates faster planning and a more stable high-speed platform for safer handling and better fuel economy.

Chase Watersports features fiberglass integrated stringer technology (F.I.S.T.) which allows bulkheads and floors to be bonded onto a bigger stringer system in terms of surface area which reduces hull flex. A layer of Kevlar is built into the high-impact area of the keel to add strength and protection. Its three-dimensional woven material is used in the hulls which allows for a stronger, stiffer, and lighter laminate.

Innovative Grid Structure

There is strength in beauty. Our FRP stringer and grid systems are perfectly matched to the hull surface for a precise bond putting the incredible strength right where you need it. Bonded with an aircraft structural adhesive, be assured you’ll enjoy years of trouble-free and safe boating.

  • CNC machined tooling for an exact fit
  • Stainless steel flush mounted through boltage strap hinges – No piano hinges
  • Reinforced FRP construction
  • Reduced panel size for extreme stiffness
  • Bonded to both hull and deck to create a uni-body structure.


We are proud to build our dashes in house to maintain our strict quality standards. Gauges are placed into contoured dashes making them easy to read with a quick glance, plus all switches are easily accessible.

Behind the dash, wiring is neatly installed and each wire is labeled for easy maintenance and to easily trace which component each wire is connected to.

You are in control!


Extended Swim Platform

Chase Watersports features a full-width swim platform on the back with sunken down steps and a telescoping ladder making it easy for swimmers to get in and out of the water safely.

Kicker® Sound System

Chase Watersports is outfitted with a high-performance Kicker® sound system built specifically to rock out to your favorite playlist during a full day of water sports. Systems are completely sealed, weather-proof, and ultra-resistant to salt/fog and UV rays.

Rock out to superior sound through four exterior Kicker® speakers. Connect Bluetooth, Apple iPod, USB, or AM/FM and keep the tunes coming.

Water Toy Storage

Store your wakeboard and skis on the integrated storage rack and ski locker.  Plus, enjoy plenty of storage throughout including under-seat storage in both aft and bow, console storage, and glove box.


Campion Marine Deck

An alternative to carpeting, Campion Marine Deck offers a non-slip surface for exceptional traction when wet or dry. Campion Marine Deck is easy to clean, virtually maintenance-free, resistant to UV light, and manufactured to last a lifetime. A perfect upgrade to help maintain traction as swimmers go in and out of the water.

Zero Off® Speed Control

The Zero Off® system uses input from satellites and the engine management system to provide accurate and consistent speed control and timing. No more need for timing boxes, slalom switches, or magnets! ZeroOff is based solely on the speed across the surface of the water so there is no requirement for skier weight, crew weight, or even any kind of wind adjustment. You simply set the desired speed and go.

Flexible Seating Areas

Chase Watersports makes it easy to adjust seating areas to accommodate both passengers and activities. Bolsters and cushions are also available. Adjust seating configurations to optimize watersports or to just lay in the sun and relax.

"Any product that does not move with technology does not get better over time. It's a non-starter."


do ANYTHING, have FUN.

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