Aug 28th, 2020 | Campion

Boating Safely with Kids

Safety Tips to Help Kids Stay Safe and Have Fun on the Water

There are few things better than a fun-filled day on the lake with your family in your Campion boat.  From fishing to watersports, and everything in between, there are so many activities to enjoy as a boat owner.  While it’s great to have a good time, boating safety should be a priority for every boater. Just as there are important safety rules for adults hitting the water, a few extra steps should be taken when boating with kids.

If you’re new to boating or just need a refresher, we’ve put together a list of safety tips to help kids stay safe on the water.

Practice Swimming Skills

Even before your child steps aboard, it’s important they continue to practice and improve their swimming skills.  Although they will be wearing a life jacket aboard, its critical kids learn to respect the water at a young age and become strong swimmers just in case something unforeseen should occur.

Make Kid-Friendly Preparations

When kids are aboard, you’ll want to be sure you have a few extra items on your packing list.

  1. Extra towels, hats, clothing or blankets
  2. Lots of sunscreen
  3. Plenty of snacks and beverages
  4. First aid kit, including children’s motion sickness medication
  5. Watersports equipment such as tubes, skis, ropes, etc.

Wear a Comfortable Life Jacket

Wearing a life jacket is the single most important thing anyone can do to help themselves be safer on the water.  Pick out an appropriate life jacket that fits your child well but is also comfortable. Have them get used to wearing vest in the water by going for a test swim so they can get an idea of what it will feel like. It’s the perfect time to teach them to relax and allow the jacket to keep them afloat.  Tips for choosing the right life jacket

It’s recommended children wear life jackets anytime they are aboard small, open boats.  If you are aboard a mid-sized to larger boat, rules can be a little more relaxed if kids stay below deck or inside an enclosed cabin. Be sure to check your child’s life jacket each year to make sure it still fits properly and isn’t damaged.

Review Boat Rules

In order for everyone to have fun in a safe way, there need to be a few simple rules. Remind kids about the rules of your boat. Your rules may be a little different but we’ve listed some important ones below:

  1. Stay seated when the boat is moving
  2. No running on the boat
  3. No leaning over the rail
  4. Always wear your life jacket

Use Spotters

Kids love any type of towed water sport, so chances are, you’ll be setting up the boat for a day of tubing, waterskiing or wakeboarding.  It’s very important for an adult to serve as a spotter. The spotter sits right next to the captain to keep an eye on the rider and let the driver know when the rider hits the water or if there is any trouble.  The rider should always be wearing their life jacket.

Time for Teaching

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about boating.  The earlier they learn, the more comfortable and knowledgeable they’ll be as they get older. Take the time to show younger kids how to drive the boat, how to use the radio to call for help, even how to dock or throw an anchor line.  They will begin to understand how operate a boat in a safe manner and even provide an extra set of hands in case of emergency.  You’ll be surprised how quickly they master these things, with your help!

As a parent, set the example.  Make sure you’re always following proper safety protocols (and your own rules) so kids can follow your lead so everyone can continue to have amazing days on the water.

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