Aug 07th, 2020 | Campion

Multispecies Boats Offer Numerous Benefits to Anglers

Designed with performance, comfort, and versatility in mind

There are many types of fishing boats available on the market such as flats skiffs, bay boats, deck boats and bass boats, designed for fishing specific types of fish. Bass boats for example, are ideal for fishing large-mouth bass or freshwater pan fish in shallower water. They tend to feature flatter decks that are closer to the water making it easier to pull the fish aboard.

But what if you want to try for various species of fish that live in different types of water? Multispecies fishing boats are ideal for anglers who want to do just that.  Multispecies boats, like the RAGE, are designed and constructed to be functional and versatile and offer numerous benefits to make any fishing expedition not only successful, but a blast!

While makes and models may vary, we’ve listed some general key benefits multispecies fishing boats offer to anglers of all skill levels.


Although multispecies boats can be constructed from aluminum, more and more are being constructed from fiberglass. Fiberglass materials are known to be extremely strong, able to withstand harsh marine elements, fluctuating temperatures, and UV rays making the material ideal for multispecies boats such as the RAGE.  Fiberglass allows for built-in storage within the boat mold, something you cannot do with aluminum. Plus, fiberglass is much better at absorbing sound and vibration than aluminum, so fish are not easily scared away upon your approach.

Hull Design

Typically, multispecies boats feature a semi-V shaped hull with a moderate deadrise helping to stabilize the boat in different types of water from shallows to big lake waves. In comparison, bass boats tend to have mod-V hulls that are flatter at the bottom, and lower profile to get you closer to the water.

The RAGE features the Apex2 hull design with a variable dead rise configured to produce a smoother, faster, even more responsive ride at high speeds. Campion adds a layer of Kevlar into our hulls at the keel (the high impact area), reducing the chance of the hull being holed should the boat hit a shoal, deadhead or other underwater peril.


Pro anglers rely on performance during tournaments. Multispecies boats are built for speed and excel at getting you from one fishing spot to another quickly. Speed is especially important for tournaments where location is key. The RAGE tops out at 60 MPH and delivers a world-class holeshot to get you to the best spot first.


Multispecies boats are usually constructed between 17-and 22-feet so they are able to navigate shallower waters to deeper lakes with ease.  This is also the perfect size that allows six to seven passengers to ride and fish comfortably along with everyone’s gear and supplies onboard.


Multispecies boats will almost always offer more storage options compared to other types of fishing boats. Since you’ll be fishing various waterways for different species of fish, it’s important you bring the appropriate equipment needed for each scenario plus a day’s worth of food and beverage. This means, you’ll need a ton of storage and multispecies boats will not disappoint. Built in rod and tackle lockers and beverage coolers are common.

The RAGE allows for an incredible amount of integrated, purposeful storage for rods, tools, tackle boxes, and other important equipment while giving you more space to move around on deck.  Plus, two built-in beverage coolers are onboard to keep you well hydrated throughout the day.


Critical for anglers who need to keep fish and an ample amount of bait alive and healthy, many multispecies boats feature one or more livewells. Modern livewells are pressurized and feature aerators to help reduce any stress on the fish.  The RAGE features the 37-gallon Livewell 02 Pro, a state-of-the-art pressurized, anti-slosh, oxygenated, dual Flow-Rite aerators, blue LED calming lights, and removable dividers to keep fish calm and comfortable. The RAGE also includes bait buckets in both the bow and stern for easy access.

Seating and Casting Areas

Seating on a multispecies is not only comfortable, its versatile. Flexible seating options such as pedestal bow seating or removable chair mounts to create a casting deck are helpful when adapting to different fishing environments. Many seats can be reconfigured depending on your needs. Comfortable seating makes all the difference to your body during a long day on the water.


Windshields are actually an important feature of a multispecies boat since they provide protection from waves and heavy spray as you’re racing across the water to get to the perfect fishing spot. The RAGE features an automotive-quality windshield designed to take a beating on the water as you and your passengers stay dry (mostly).

There are so many options and accessory packages available to anglers to make a multispecies boat even more functional for tournaments or a day of fishing with friends.  The only issue you’ll have is not having enough days on the water!

Get in touch with your dealer today to find our more about the RAGE R22.

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