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By campionboats | January 8, 2019

Kelowna, BC, Jan 8, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – With the high US dollar combined with 10% tariffs on American made boats entering Canada, boat builder Campion Marine is heading into this year’s boat show season with a highly competitive suite of handcrafted Canadian made quality boats.

As a result of the Canadian government’s 10% tariff on US manufactured boats, a response to the United States’ imposition of tariffs on certain steel and aluminum products coming from Canada, buying a non-Canadian boat may no longer be affordable for many.

On his thoughts regarding the current market opportunity, Campion’s newly appointed CEO Lorne Nakonechny says, “The market conditions are perfect for consumers to buy Canadian made boats.  With the everchanging market climate due to tariffs on US manufactured boats and a strong American dollar, I have instructed our team to put everything on the table to make sure that the Canadian boat buyer can take advantage of Campion’s competitive position.”  He goes on to say, “Campion is definitely going to make an impact at this year’s boat shows.”

While American companies, like General Motors, are pulling out of Canada and leaving employees without work, Canadian boat manufacturer Campion Marine is growing and looking to bolster its workforce.  “We are looking to add to our skilled boat building team and welcome those that are looking for work to contact us.  What could be better than building boats in the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley here in Kelowna, British Columbia?” says Campion’s General Manager Chris Forrest.

As it relates to this year’s Toronto International Boat Show, Campion’s Director – Sales and Marketing, Brian Milligen says, “Campion will be featuring a whole new look at this year’s show.  We’ll be making the statement that the New Campion is going to be taking back market share that was once ours.  We will be focused on helping our customers get the right Campion package at the best price, with the best terms.”

In Canada, the boat show season starts at the Toronto International Boat Show hosted at Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Jan 18 to Jan 27, 2019. Most of the boat shows across the country happen January through the end of April.

 About Campion Marine

For over 45 years Campion Marine has been building a diverse quality line up of boats, consisting of its Chase high performance boats, Explorer sport utility boats, Allante runabouts/cruisers and Svfara wake and surf tow boats.  Campion and its team handcraft their boats in Kelowna, BC, Canada and ship them around the world.  Campion is growing its global dealer network and its workforce. For further information, contact Brian Milligen phone 250-765-7795 or email



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