Sep 17th, 2021 | Campion

Keep You and Your Crew Cool on the Water

Features to look for in your next onboard cooler


As you prepare to set course for a day-long excursion with family and friends, be sure one item atop your checklist, aside from safety gear, is a large, quality cooler to keep food and beverages chilled for the duration of your trip.  Trust us, no one likes warm beverages. A well-built cooler will ensure everyone remains happy and content for many hours.


We’ve researched features to look for when shopping for the perfect marine cooler. Researching before you buy can help to ensure you’re selecting the right cooler for your needs.



Here are some things to consider:


Design & Construction

Keep an eye out for special design features such as built-in, lockable wheels, non-slip bases, and tie-down spots for easy mounting to your boat. These important features help to increase stability and limit the movement of your cooler, even in rough water. You may also want to keep in mind that eventually, the cooler may become extra seating for your passengers. Confirm the cooler is sturdy enough to hold a person’s weight if needed.

Insulation & Seals

Insulation is key. Quality coolers feature multiple layers of insulation around the walls and on the inside of the lid to keep items colder for an extended period. The more layers of insulation, the better. Seals are just as important as they form an airtight seal keeping warm air from penetrating your cooler. Look for sturdy latches made of stainless steel or heavy-duty rubber latches.


Size and Capacity

The size of your cooler will depend on two things:

  1. How much you plan to pack inside
  2. The space allocated to stow your cooler



Many coolers are constructed to be lightweight plus easy to handle and maneuver making it easy to fit just about anywhere without adding too much weight or getting in the way.



It’s important to drain your cooler at the end of each boat trip to avoid mold growth or unwanted odors. You can choose a model with leakproof drain plugs on one or both sides for quick and easy draining.  Always air dry or wipe your cooler dry with a towel after draining. Storing with an open lid will also help keep the inside fresh.


Once you’ve found the cooler of your dreams, review the best practices below:

  • If you can, chill the entire cooler before filling
  • It helps if the items you’re packing are already cold before you place them inside
  • Fill your cooler as much as you can. The less air, the colder it will remain
  • Keep your cooler out of direct sunlight
  • Try to open your cooler as little as possible to avoid warm air entering


A quality marine cooler can be an investment.  Knowing what to look for will allow you to buy the right cooler for you and have it last for many years to come – not to mention – keep you and your passengers having fun on the water.


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