Apr 15th, 2021 | Campion

How Fiberglass Helps Maximize Boat Design

Versatile and strong, fiberglass offers numerous advantages to boat designers.

Expectations are changing when it comes to boat design. Every detail incorporated within the design is extremely important so choosing the right material is critical. Fiberglass is not only a strong and lightweight material, it’s very versatile allowing the designer the freedom to push the limits of their design.

Neil Gilbert, Campion’s world class boat designer, uses fiberglass to optimize the shape and features of every Campion boat.  Every single piece of tooling is CNC cut providing unparalleled precision. 

Linear Grid Structure

Gilbert’s innovative design includes a linear grid structure, essentially serving as a high beam under the deck for support. Grid systems are perfectly matched to the hull surface for a precise bond and providing incredible strength right where you need it. Bonded with an aircraft structural adhesive you can be assured of years of trouble-free and safe boating.

On the RAGE, the efficiency of the structural grid also helps to open up casting areas to support customizable seating configurations and a larger than ever main cockpit. At 22’9” the RAGE is the largest multispecies boat in its class.

Clean storage areas are directly integrated within every Campion boats structural grid. For fishermen at all levels, Gilbert’s innovative fiberglass design for the RAGE and Explorer not only provides an incredible amount of purposeful storage for rods, tools, tackle boxes, and other important equipment, it delivers the comfort and convenience required for a long day on the water.

Smooth, Quiet Ride

Since fiberglass is also a lightweight material, it’s a game-changer for creating a smooth, quiet ride no matter what the conditions. Gilbert’s APEX2 hull design plays an integral piece in Campion’s ultraquiet ride.

The hull design is a variable dead rise configured to produce a smoother, faster, even more responsive ride at high speeds. Not to mention dramatically better fuel economy. They glide on the water with no vibration. The sound absorption from the fiberglass APEX2 hull design also helps keep the fish “in the dark” as you approach.

Strength and Durability

Fiberglass materials are known to be extremely strong, able to withstand harsh marine elements, fluctuating temperatures, and UV rays making the material ideal for high-performance boats.

The durable material also makes maintenance fairly simple. Following manufacturers maintenance recommendations and regular cleaning of your fiberglass boat with fresh water and a soft cloth will help to keep and protect your windshield, windows, or hatch for years.

Campion Boats

Campion Boats are designed and constructed using the most advanced fiberglass mat on the market today. Our 3D fiberglass weave requires less resin, creating a lighter and stronger hull for enhanced performance.

We add a layer of Kevlar into our hulls at the keel (the high impact area), reducing the chance of the hull being holed should the boat hit a shoal, deadhead or other underwater peril.

Thanks to the versatility of fiberglass, you can enjoy years of safe boating and even more innovative designs for years to come.

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