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This boat takes you farther – it’s a holiday in itself. From an evening cruise to an epic fishing odyssey, the Explorer lives up to its name in every way. Imagine, you set the limits to what you can do and where you can go.


Our Explorer’s are rugged workhorses, with a host of features to make cruising more comfortable; whatever it is you want to enjoy – beach picnics, fishing, water skiing or a simple cruise exploring the shoreline.

The Explorer has a layer of Kevlar is built into the high impact area of the keel to add strength and protection. Its 3 dimensional woven material is used in the hulls which allows for a stronger, stiffer and lighter laminates.

Campion DASH

Dashes are built in house at Campion.  The gauges are placed into contoured dashes so that you are able to read them at a glance.  All switches are placed so they are easily accessible.  Behind the dash, the wiring is neatly installed and each wire is labelled so that you can easily trace which component each wire is connected to. This allows you ease of maintenance. 

CC Models

Our models throughout the years included EX22 OB CC, EX21 OB CC, EX20 OB CC, and EX16 OB CC

SC Models

Our models throughout the years included EX 26BRA SC, EX 24BRA SC, EX 20 BRA SC, and EX 18BRA SC

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