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  • Fishing for Health

    By campionboats | October 14, 2016

    Fishing is a Form of Fitness The last Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association’s report stated that approximately 9 million Canadians fish – that’s nearly 25% of our population. So why are so many Canadians passionate about fishing? Turns out besides being an enjoyable hobby, it’s actually good for you. Fishing is a great stress reliever. Being Read More

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  • 8 Fishing Apps You Need to Have on Your Smartphone

    By campionboats | July 28, 2016

    If you’re hooked on fishing, you no doubt have a tackle box full of gear to help you in your quest to catch fish—but do you consider your smart phone as part of your arsenal? You should! Whether it’s finding the perfect fishing hole, improving your skills, determining the best time of day to wet Read More

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    By campionboats | July 15, 2016

    3 STEPS TO HELP MAKE BOATING MORE EARTH FRIENDLY Be Careful When Changing Oil   Make every effort to capture old engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic fluid and more. Contact your municipality to find out how and where to dispose of these fluids properly. A five-gallon pail with a lid makes a good ” capture and Read More

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  • Cottage Life: Making the Goods

    By campionboats | September 16, 2015

    It’s here! As seen on Cottage Life TV, Making the Goods (episode 2)! Be sure to check out this video on our facebook page and share with friends and family, and go to the Cottage Life website at to check out the whole episode!

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  • Announcing 14 New Dealers for Campion!

    By campionboats | April 23, 2015

    Campion Announces 14 New Dealers   By Craig Ritchie   Canadian fibreglass boatbuilder grows dealer network as North American economy recovers.

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