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Why Campion?

Five Reasons Why Campion Should Be Your First Choice

1) 3 Dimensional Weave Fiberglass and Kevlar Reinforcement – The most technologically advanced fiberglass mat available on the market today. 3D Weave requires less resin for saturation, thus creating a lighter, stronger hull that requires fewer layers to obtain the desired thickness, thereby reducing the chances of delamination.

Campion is committed to your family’s safety and with this in mind, a layer of Kevlar is built into our hulls at the keel (the high impact area), reducing the chance of the hull being holed should the boat hit a shoal, deadhead or other underwater peril.

2) F.I.S.T. Stringer System – The Fiberglass Integrated Stringer Technology system featured in Campion boats allows for much larger bonding areas than a conventional stringer system and allows the bulkheads and floors to be bonded directly to the stringer system, reducing hull flex, improving fuel efficiency and speed by up to 10%.

3) Fuel Efficient Apex Hull Design – Campion’s industry leading Apex hull has redefined bottom design. Our award winning design technology expands the high pressure zones on a boat for faster planning and a more stable platform at high speeds. That means safer handling, exceptional performance, and better fuel economy.

4) In-Gel Graphics – Campion uses the highest quality gel coats in the marine industry. Our gel coats are tested biannually against all extreme weather and environmental conditions. Campion gel coat graphics and feature stripes are painstakingly laid out by hand and sprayed right into the mold, eliminating the need for tape graphics that are prone to dock rash and lifting.

5) We Care – At Campion Marine, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, while maintaining our dedication to building top quality, high-performance boats. We are a lean manufacturer who continuously seeks out ways to reduce waste and work with suppliers to provide more environmentally sustainable products.