Campion Info


Since 1974 Campion has been handcrafting boats for discerning customers around the world.  With “Waves of Change 2020” as its 46th-anniversary theme, Campion is celebrating its heritage as a quality boat builder and its commitment to pushing the boundaries as it relates to style and functionality through well thought out design.  With energy that comes as a result of new ownership and management, Waves of Change 2020 represents the best of Campion’s past in addition to celebrating its future with the launch of Campion’s newest boat, the Rage R22, as well as the introduction of the Explorer EX22DC , EX22CC and the concept Muskoka M26 watersports boat.  These 4 new models make up the foundation for a commitment towards 23 new models over the next 5 years and feature Campion’s next generation APEX2 hull.

With almost five decades of quality boat building heritage combined with the excitement that comes with a focused plan of innovation and growth, Campion’s goal is to design and build the boats of tomorrow that can be enjoyed today.