Aug 28th, 2020 | Campion

Boating Safely with Kids

Safety Tips to Help Kids Stay Safe and Have Fun on the Water

There are few things better than a fun-filled day on the lake with your family in your Campion boat.  From fishing to watersports, and everything in between, there are so many activities to enjoy as a boat owner.  While it’s great to have a good time, boating safety should be a priority for every boater. Just as there are important safety rules for adults hitting the water, a few extra steps should be taken when boating with kids.

If you’re new to boating or just need a refresher, we’ve put together a list of safety tips to help kids stay safe on the water.

Practice Swimming Skills

Even before your child steps aboard, it’s important they continue to practice and improve their swimming skills.  Although they will be wearing a life jacket aboard, its critical kids learn to respect the water at a young age and become strong swimmers just in case something unforeseen should occur.

Make Kid-Friendly Preparations

When kids are aboard, you’ll want to be sure you have a few extra items on your packing list.

  1. Extra towels, hats, clothing or blankets
  2. Lots of sunscreen
  3. Plenty of snacks and beverages
  4. First aid kit, including children’s motion sickness medication
  5. Watersports equipment such as tubes, skis, ropes, etc.

Wear a Comfortable Life Jacket

Wearing a life jacket is the single most important thing anyone can do to help themselves be safer on the water.  Pick out an appropriate life jacket that fits your child well but is also comfortable. Have them get used to wearing vest in the water by going for a test swim so they can get an idea of what it will feel like. It’s the perfect time to teach them to relax and allow the jacket to keep them afloat.  Tips for choosing the right life jacket

It’s recommended children wear life jackets anytime they are aboard small, open boats.  If you are aboard a mid-sized to larger boat, rules can be a little more relaxed if kids stay below deck or inside an enclosed cabin. Be sure to check your child’s life jacket each year to make sure it still fits properly and isn’t damaged.

Review Boat Rules

In order for everyone to have fun in a safe way, there need to be a few simple rules. Remind kids about the rules of your boat. Your rules may be a little different but we’ve listed some important ones below:

  1. Stay seated when the boat is moving
  2. No running on the boat
  3. No leaning over the rail
  4. Always wear your life jacket

Use Spotters

Kids love any type of towed water sport, so chances are, you’ll be setting up the boat for a day of tubing, waterskiing or wakeboarding.  It’s very important for an adult to serve as a spotter. The spotter sits right next to the captain to keep an eye on the rider and let the driver know when the rider hits the water or if there is any trouble.  The rider should always be wearing their life jacket.

Time for Teaching

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about boating.  The earlier they learn, the more comfortable and knowledgeable they’ll be as they get older. Take the time to show younger kids how to drive the boat, how to use the radio to call for help, even how to dock or throw an anchor line.  They will begin to understand how operate a boat in a safe manner and even provide an extra set of hands in case of emergency.  You’ll be surprised how quickly they master these things, with your help!

As a parent, set the example.  Make sure you’re always following proper safety protocols (and your own rules) so kids can follow your lead so everyone can continue to have amazing days on the water.

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Aug 07th, 2020 | Campion

Multispecies Boats Offer Numerous Benefits to Anglers

Designed with performance, comfort, and versatility in mind

There are many types of fishing boats available on the market such as flats skiffs, bay boats, deck boats and bass boats, designed for fishing specific types of fish. Bass boats for example, are ideal for fishing large-mouth bass or freshwater pan fish in shallower water. They tend to feature flatter decks that are closer to the water making it easier to pull the fish aboard.

But what if you want to try for various species of fish that live in different types of water? Multispecies fishing boats are ideal for anglers who want to do just that.  Multispecies boats, like the RAGE, are designed and constructed to be functional and versatile and offer numerous benefits to make any fishing expedition not only successful, but a blast!

While makes and models may vary, we’ve listed some general key benefits multispecies fishing boats offer to anglers of all skill levels.


Although multispecies boats can be constructed from aluminum, more and more are being constructed from fiberglass. Fiberglass materials are known to be extremely strong, able to withstand harsh marine elements, fluctuating temperatures, and UV rays making the material ideal for multispecies boats such as the RAGE.  Fiberglass allows for built-in storage within the boat mold, something you cannot do with aluminum. Plus, fiberglass is much better at absorbing sound and vibration than aluminum, so fish are not easily scared away upon your approach.

Hull Design

Typically, multispecies boats feature a semi-V shaped hull with a moderate deadrise helping to stabilize the boat in different types of water from shallows to big lake waves. In comparison, bass boats tend to have mod-V hulls that are flatter at the bottom, and lower profile to get you closer to the water.

The RAGE features the Apex2 hull design with a variable dead rise configured to produce a smoother, faster, even more responsive ride at high speeds. Campion adds a layer of Kevlar into our hulls at the keel (the high impact area), reducing the chance of the hull being holed should the boat hit a shoal, deadhead or other underwater peril.


Pro anglers rely on performance during tournaments. Multispecies boats are built for speed and excel at getting you from one fishing spot to another quickly. Speed is especially important for tournaments where location is key. The RAGE tops out at 60 MPH and delivers a world-class holeshot to get you to the best spot first.


Multispecies boats are usually constructed between 17-and 22-feet so they are able to navigate shallower waters to deeper lakes with ease.  This is also the perfect size that allows six to seven passengers to ride and fish comfortably along with everyone’s gear and supplies onboard.


Multispecies boats will almost always offer more storage options compared to other types of fishing boats. Since you’ll be fishing various waterways for different species of fish, it’s important you bring the appropriate equipment needed for each scenario plus a day’s worth of food and beverage. This means, you’ll need a ton of storage and multispecies boats will not disappoint. Built in rod and tackle lockers and beverage coolers are common.

The RAGE allows for an incredible amount of integrated, purposeful storage for rods, tools, tackle boxes, and other important equipment while giving you more space to move around on deck.  Plus, two built-in beverage coolers are onboard to keep you well hydrated throughout the day.


Critical for anglers who need to keep fish and an ample amount of bait alive and healthy, many multispecies boats feature one or more livewells. Modern livewells are pressurized and feature aerators to help reduce any stress on the fish.  The RAGE features the 37-gallon Livewell 02 Pro, a state-of-the-art pressurized, anti-slosh, oxygenated, dual Flow-Rite aerators, blue LED calming lights, and removable dividers to keep fish calm and comfortable. The RAGE also includes bait buckets in both the bow and stern for easy access.

Seating and Casting Areas

Seating on a multispecies is not only comfortable, its versatile. Flexible seating options such as pedestal bow seating or removable chair mounts to create a casting deck are helpful when adapting to different fishing environments. Many seats can be reconfigured depending on your needs. Comfortable seating makes all the difference to your body during a long day on the water.


Windshields are actually an important feature of a multispecies boat since they provide protection from waves and heavy spray as you’re racing across the water to get to the perfect fishing spot. The RAGE features an automotive-quality windshield designed to take a beating on the water as you and your passengers stay dry (mostly).

There are so many options and accessory packages available to anglers to make a multispecies boat even more functional for tournaments or a day of fishing with friends.  The only issue you’ll have is not having enough days on the water!

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Jul 15th, 2020 | Campion

Campion’s Guide to Wakeboarding

Simple Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Started

Summer’s here and it’s time to get your Campion Boat loaded up and ready to hit open water for some fun in the sun. Perhaps you’re already an avid water skier but looking to change things up a bit or new to watersports altogether.  We recommend trying your hand at wakeboarding!  Many experts say out of all the watersports, wakeboarding is the quickest to learn.

We’ve put together a brief guide on wakeboarding including tips and what you’ll need to get started.

Equipment You’ll Need


The first step to a successful wakeboarding trip is making sure you have the right boat.  Boats designed for watersports featuring a built-in bowrider, such as the highly anticipated 2021 Campion Muskoka high-performance boat, are ideal for elevating the tow point making it easier for the wakeboarder to get up and stay up in the water.  It’s recommended beginners use a shorter tow rope at first – about 65 feet.  A shorter rope combined with slower speed will create wider and bigger wakes making it easier for you to jump them.

If you’re confident enough to create a bigger wake, you can add weight in back of the boat. The more weight you place in the back, the higher and shorter the wake will be. As a beginner wakeboarder keep in mind you may want to start off with shorter wakes until you get more comfortable.

Now that your boat is configured, it’s time to gather your wakeboarding equipment. Look for a local sporting goods store that offers board and equipment rentals so you can determine if you want to invest in your own down the road.  Most likely, you’ll be able to rent everything you need to get started with expert guidance.

Wakeboarding Equipment

How to Pick Your Board

There are a couple things to consider when selecting a wakeboard, board type and your own body. There are three types of wakeboards; hybrid, surf, and skim style boards.  As a beginner, select a surf-style board designed to make it easier to learn from.

Next, pick your board based on your weight. Reference the chart  as seen on to determine the best board for you. You can also ask an expert to help you find the right board for your body and skill level. 

Wakeboard Bindings

Wakeboard bindings are boots that are anchored to your wakeboard, allowing you to maintain your balance, ride waves and perform fancy tricks. Bindings should be snug but not so tight they’re painful. Most bindings are designed to fit a range of shoe sizes, while some higher-end boots are single sizes.  With so many options such as closed toe, open toe, and various closure systems, it’s best to ask an expert to help you decide which is best and most comfortable for you.

Wakeboard Life Jackets

It’s critical, especially as a beginner, to stay safe while wakeboarding which is why life jackets are so important.  Wakeboard life jackets are designed to keep your head above water and provide buoyancy if something should go wrong.  These jackets are lightweight and flexible enough to allow for movement and are more comfortable than traditional life jackets.

Once you have all the recommended equipment, the last step is to hit the water! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. You will fall and that’s okay. You’re learning so get back up and try again.
  2. Be prepared, falling will not feel good.
  3. Don’t pull on the rope. Let the boat pull you up.
  4. Keep the handle low and close to your hip.
  5. Look straight ahead and not at your feet.
  6. Your arms will be sore but will soon get stronger.
  7. Practice makes perfect.
  8. Have fun!

For beginner tips on how to get up and stay up on a wakeboard, you can visit Boating Magazine’s “How to Get Up on a Wakeboard” and you’ll be wakeboarding like a pro in no time at all.

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Jul 02nd, 2020 | Campion

UltraDeck is Next-Generation Marine Flooring

Innovative Flooring Option Helps to Elevate Aesthetics and Functionality

With new creative approaches to boat design, it’s no surprise traditional materials used for elements within boats are also seeing a surge in new options.  Flooring, for example, has traditionally consisted of carpeting or wood. While there are benefits to both, neither particularly go well with water.

Although carpet can be visually appealing and soft on bare feet, it’s quick to absorb water and even after a day in the sun, can begin to mold and mildew over time creating a not so pleasant odor.  Wood flooring, if not properly cared for, can begin to warp and fade over time before needing to be replaced.

Neil Gilbert, Campion’s world class boat designer, uses fiberglass to optimize the shape and features of every Campion boat.  Every single piece of tooling is CNC cut providing unparalleled precision. 

While researching flooring options for Campion’s latest multispecies fishing boat, the RAGE R22, the team wanted an option to further elevate the aesthetics and functionality of the boat. The material needed to be durable, stain resistant, and non-slip in order to withstand years of hard-core fishing, plus look as great as the boat itself.

They ultimately decided upon UltraDeck®, a line of synthetic marine flooring manufactured by a company right here in British Columbia.  

What is UltraDeck?

UltraDeck is “a unique premium blend of closed cell, high quality PE foam produced for the harsh marine environment.  It has very high UV resistance, it’s UV tested to over triple the best marine upholstery vinyl with no fade. Being that it is closed cell, it does not absorb, so it will never smell and is stain resistant and cleans up very easy. It provides an excellent shock absorbent, sounds deadening, non-slip, customizable surface for any vessel. The product is backed with the thickest, highest grade acrylic-based 3M pressure sensitive adhesive providing a simple yet durable installation.”

Advantages of UltraDeck Flooring

  1. Does not absorb water and therefore does not mold, mildew or smell over time.
  2. Excellent UV resistance so will not fade.
  3. Easy to wipe down after cleaning fish or from spilled beverages.
  4. Provides a non-slip surface, especially important when there’s a fish on the line.
  5. Made of a lightweight material that also provides some soundproofing.

UltraDeck flooring is the ideal choice for Campion Boats. The interior of the RAGE is covered with UltraDeck including the full-length swim platform providing a safe, non-slip surface for swimmers coming and going from the water.  Plus, fishermen will enjoy the fish ruler built right into the flooring, making it easy to measure a big catch.

Designed for form and function with every detail top of mind from the structural grid, quality of the hinges to the durable yet stylish flooring.  UltraDeck flooring, like the RAGE, is a game-changer that any boating enthusiast could get onboard with.

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Jun 30th, 2020 | Campion

How Fiberglass Helps Maximize Boat Design

Versatile and strong, fiberglass offers numerous advantages to boat designers.

Expectations are changing when it comes to boat design. Every detail incorporated within the design is extremely important so choosing the right material is critical. Fiberglass is not only a strong and lightweight material, it’s very versatile allowing the designer the freedom to push the limits of their design.

Neil Gilbert, Campion’s world class boat designer, uses fiberglass to optimize the shape and features of every Campion boat.  Every single piece of tooling is CNC cut providing unparalleled precision. 

Linear Grid Structure

Gilbert’s innovative design includes a linear grid structure, essentially serving as a high beam under the deck for support. Grid systems are perfectly matched to the hull surface for a precise bond and providing incredible strength right where you need it. Bonded with an aircraft structural adhesive you can be assured of years of trouble-free and safe boating.

On the RAGE, the efficiency of the structural grid also helps to open up casting areas to support customizable seating configurations and a larger than ever main cockpit. At 22’9” the RAGE is the largest multispecies boat in its class.

Clean storage areas are directly integrated within every Campion boats structural grid. For fishermen at all levels, Gilbert’s innovative fiberglass design for the RAGE and Explorer not only provides an incredible amount of purposeful storage for rods, tools, tackle boxes, and other important equipment, it delivers the comfort and convenience required for a long day on the water.

Smooth, Quiet Ride

Since fiberglass is also a lightweight material, it’s a game-changer for creating a smooth, quiet ride no matter what the conditions. Gilbert’s APEX2 hull design plays an integral piece in Campion’s ultraquiet ride.

The hull design is a variable dead rise configured to produce a smoother, faster, even more responsive ride at high speeds. Not to mention dramatically better fuel economy. They glide on the water with no vibration. The sound absorption from the fiberglass APEX2 hull design also helps keep the fish “in the dark” as you approach.

Strength and Durability

Fiberglass materials are known to be extremely strong, able to withstand harsh marine elements, fluctuating temperatures, and UV rays making the material ideal for high-performance boats.

The durable material also makes maintenance fairly simple. Following manufacturers maintenance recommendations and regular cleaning of your fiberglass boat with fresh water and a soft cloth will help to keep and protect your windshield, windows, or hatch for years.

Campion Boats

Campion Boats are designed and constructed using the most advanced fiberglass mat on the market today. Our 3D fiberglass weave requires less resin, creating a lighter and stronger hull for enhanced performance.

We add a layer of Kevlar into our hulls at the keel (the high impact area), reducing the chance of the hull being holed should the boat hit a shoal, deadhead or other underwater peril.

Thanks to the versatility of fiberglass, you can enjoy years of safe boating and even more innovative designs for years to come.

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