45th Anniversary Dealer Celebration

By campionboats | August 31, 2018

Campion hosted dealers from around the world August 26th and 27th in Kelowna, British Columbia to introduce the 2019 model year and to celebrate their 45th Anniversary.  Manteo Waterfront Resort and beautiful Okanagan Lake provided the perfect backdrop to showcase their lineup of boats.

The resonating message of the celebration was the evolution of Campion as they adapt to the ever-changing boating industry.  Brock Elliott, Campion’s President, reinforced this message speaking about the gaining popularity of boat clubs and boat rental companies.

Campion proudly showed the new Watersports WS25 model and new gel graphics for the Allante, Chase & Watersports Editions along with completely redesigned upholstery vinyl for the interior of these models.   A total of 18 different models/boats were on Okanagan Lake for the dealers to water test.  They were extremely impressed and excited with the changes.  There were many complimentary comments about the new Plumb Crazy Purple and Bahama Blue, brilliant gel colours and the overall quality of the boats.

The diversity of the Campion line up allowed all the partnering engine suppliers to showcase their newest technology including Suzuki’s 350HP, Mercury’s 200HP, 225HP, 150HP Pro Xs and 15HP kicker motor, Evinrude G2’s, Yamaha and Volvo’s FWD drive on the four Watersport models.

Campion’s thrilled to announce the growth of their dealer network.  The following dealers have joined the Campion family this past year;


Alberta Marina – Nanton, AB

Don Hyde Marine – Haggersville, ON

Marina Bo-Bi-No – Laval, QC

Notre Dame Agencies – Lewisport & Goosebay, NL

Paris Marine – Peterborough, ON

Shore Cycle – Mahone Bay, NS


United States;

Freedom Boat Club – Tacoma, WA

Jacobsen’s Marine – Edmonds, WA



Comercial Sport – Chile

Crawford Marine – Australia

GIN-A Co, LTD. – South Korea


Congratulations to Bill Howich Marine of Campbell River, BC.  They were awarded Top Campion Dealer for 2018.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to our suppliers for their continued support!



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2 thoughts on “45th Anniversary Dealer Celebration”

  1. Hello Campion. We continue to enjoy our Allante 485 OB. Any word on electric motors? This is next in our sights. The wake surfing boats look fabulous.

    1. We have no plans on moving forward with electric motors but the technology is advancing rapidly so we’re always watching to see if they will be more viable. The issue we had when we did our test project was very limited battery life and charging locations on the water.

      We LOVE our Watersports line, they truly can do it all. So glad you’re a happy Campion owner!

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