Campion Runs World’s Most Powerful Electric Outboard

By campionboats | October 25, 2012

Campion Runs World’s Most Powerful Electric Outboard


October 25, 2012 – Kelowna, BC

Campion Marine, Canada’s largest fiberglass boat builder, has launched their new Chase 550 bow rider powered by the world’s first 180 horsepower electric outboard engine designed by ReGen Nautic USA Inc.

At 45 kilos, the engine weighs about a quarter of the traditional gas-powered outboard. The engine is extremely quiet. At top speed, the loudest noise is the sound of waves splashing on the boat. The first boat Campion built using this new technology will be going to Pro Nautic, a Campion dealer in Switzerland.

“It takes a little getting used to”, states Brock Elliott, Campion Marine’s President, “you instinctively reach for the key to turn it on and realize it already is on and that you just simply need to push the throttle. With the huge amount of torque that electric motors provide, the boat just gets up and goes.”

“The opportunity to launch the world’s first 180 horsepower electric outboard engine, which has been named E-Fusion, has been a great next step for Campion’s quest to build the best and the greenest”, continues Elliott.

Campion’s commitment continues to lead the industry in building the greenest boats by using the best and most ecologically friendly products. Campion builds all of its boats with Nexeo’s (formerly Ashland) Envirez® resin, Maxguard LE gel coats, Ecomate® flotation foams, soy based upholstery foam and Acrastrip®, an acetone replacement. Campion has made bold steps forward to create a more environmentally friendly boat.

Campion Marine, a family owned business, nears its 40th year of production, building Chase high performance boats, Explorer sport utility boats, Allante runabouts and cruisers, Svfara wake and surf tow boats, Infinyte alternate energy boats and the soon to be released Biltmore “Fibertoon” pontoon line. At its facility in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, Campion Marine manufactures 56 models of boats, ranging from 9 to 30 feet in length and markets and sells their boats through their dealer network in over 30 countries.

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