Campion Marine Introduces Four New Chase Models and Two New Allante Models to its Line Up

By campionboats | February 15, 2012

Campion Marine Introduces Four New Chase Models and Two New Allante Models to its Line Up

January 12, 2012

Campion Marine Inc. of Kelowna, British Columbia is pleased to announce the introduction of two new Chase outboard models; the 16’-7” 500 and the 17’-10” 530 as well as two new Chase I/O models; the 500i and 530i.

“The four new Chase models were received well by our dealers at our 2012 Dealer Meeting and it shows with steady orders since their introduction”, said Brock Elliott, Campion Marine’s General Manager. “With these four new models, we have opened the Chase line to many more people who have always appreciated the Chase brand and features.”

The outboard version of the Chase 530 will be on display at the Toronto Boat Show beginning January 14th through to the 22nd.

The Allante 485 and 535 Forster Editions have the many features of a Bass Boat without the high cost typically associated with them. They have the diversity to be used for fishing as well having the capability of skiing, tubing and wake boarding.

The Allante 485 Forster Edition will also be on display at the Toronto Boat Show.

Campion is committed to leading our industry into building the greenest boats by using the best and most ecologically friendly products. Campion is the world’s first manufacturer to build all of its boats with Ashland’s Envirez® resin, a renewably sourced, bio-derived resin, that uses a substantial amount of soybean oil and corn derived ethanol in its formulation.

 Campion Marine has been building high-performance sport boats and cruisers for 37 years. The company, at its facility in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, builds the Allante line of sport boats and cruisers, the Explorer sport utility water craft, Chase high-performance boats and the Svfara wake/surf towboats. Campion Marine manufactures 55 models of boats ranging from 9 to 30 feet in length and market and sell their boats through their dealer network in over 30 countries.

 For further information about Campion Marine, contact Brock Elliott at 250-765-7795 or email

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