8 Fishing Apps You Need to Have on Your Smartphone

By campionboats | July 28, 2016

If you’re hooked on fishing, you no doubt have a tackle box full of gear to help you in your quest to catch fish—but do you consider your smart phone as part of your arsenal? You should! Whether it’s finding the perfect fishing hole, improving your skills, determining the best time of day to wet a line or sharing your catch with fellow anglers, there’s an app that can help. Here are a 8 of our favorites at Campion (click the red link to download the app):

From finding local waterways, to getting the scoop on fishing activity, to logging your catch, Fishidy is built to help you fish smarter. Available as a free download, with in-app premium subscription starting at 9.99 month.

To catch fish, first you have to find them. This app pulls together all the information you need in one place—weather information, maps of fishing hotspots and underwater features, and waypoints. You can also record fishing trips.

  • FishBrain—Social Fishing Forecast App iOS or Android

No, it won’t help you think like a fish. FishBrain bills itself as the world’s largest community-based fishing app and lets you connect with other anglers to discover what’s biting, where in your area. Available as a free download, with in-app premium subscription starting at 5.99 month.

While knot tying is an indispensable skill for anglers, who knew there were so many different ways to secure a hook to a line? You do now! These apps put access to nearly every fishing knot ever devised at your fingertips.

  • iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Apps iOS or Android

Finding the fish is one skill…predicting when they will bite is another. This app is designed to give you the clairvoyance to determine when your underwater prey are likely to take the bait.

Weather and tidal information is critical both for boating and fishing. This app retrieves data from NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center to keep you current on conditions so you can plan your day on the water.

Sharing fish stories is a time-honored tradition for anglers—and this app is designed for just that. It lets you connect to a social network built for fishermen where you can share photos and videos, tag your friends and follow fellow anglers.

This app from the International Game Fishing Association covers angling rules, helps you identify your catch—and perhaps most importantly—lets you know if you’ve hauled in a record setting fish!


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